A bit of a funny week…

Doing some work, a right palaver with my driving license, which prevented me getting a bank account/IRD number till the last minute. Means the next few weeks will be especially on a budget.

Managed to get a bargain morning paddle boarding. I fell in a lot! well on our way out to the split apple, on the way back was a little more successful, I was on a smaller board and my broad and tall stature seemed to give me a high centre of gravity so that will be my excuse 🙂


There is lots of baby praying mantis’, they are really cool and interesting and quite chilled out little things. Never seen them in the wild before so kind of exciting.  This one seems to be thinking.


Wilson got some upgrades from a scrap yard round the corner, absolute bargain. Side step is already painted and on, but front will require so creativity with mounts, but tested the lights and they work. 🙂


Just happened to have a standard van next to ours the other day. Never realised quite the size difference.

I’ll make an effort to get out on the bicycle (stolen and fixed from the work shed) to take some pictures of the town and harbour at some interesting times as i’ve let this lax.

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