Ohau Waterfall walk…. and seals.

So finally left Nelson (yay!), back on the road again. Headed over to Kaikoura today as stopping point before Methven on Monday night.


Stopped off at a little walk for Ohau waterfalls, its a high waterfall that feeds a small pool and stream leading to the ocean, but it is also populated by a large colony of seals. The adults stay further down stream and the pool beneath the waterfall is a play ground for very bold pups. They were quite, playful, inquisitive and quite happy play fighting each other and jumping out of the water.


Surprising just how many there were, they also ventured quite high up the sides of the forest that surrounded the pool, they also enjoyed screaming and barking at each other.


I have a video of them playing but this will be added later as the internet is slow here. So here enjoy this friendly guy in the meantime 🙂

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