Offroad Project

Given the area there is a huge opportunity for off roading, theres miles of beach, 4wd tracks in the mountains and numerous river beds that join the two. So my latest project allows me to take advantage of this and scratch my bike itch.


Nothing interesting or expensive as a base, a cheap as chips (literally) 1980’s honda 400. Its spent the last 3 years in a shed and before that looks like its been someones farm hack. But what it does have going for it, its an old single cylinder engine, this means simple and low end torque, a good set of wobbly mud tyres and plenty of travel on the suspension.

Theres a few problems, some from neglect and bodges others from it not being used. First of all a dead battery, now over the weekend i used a jump pack to get it running. sputtered into life and actually ran pretty smoothly. No rear brakes, leaking shocks, and it looks ugly rough.

Brakes got the first bit of attention, stripped free’d up and the seized bleed nipple sorted. Works now allow seems to drag slightly, after a run i’ll see if this sorts it self, else i’ll strip them again and clean up/grease the pins.

New battery fitted today, nice and cheap and solved that issue easily, although the tray is going to need modifying.

Now the seals need doing, the front is VERY soft, and every bounce leaves a trail of oil on the left fork, so stripped ready for sourcing some seals tomorrow.


I’m hoping to take it on a run at the weekend, identify any other issues, then work on appearance. I’m in two minds, as its rough do i go the mad max/rat bike route, or tidy it up and make it more normal. Want to fit some decent front lights for evening runs and get rid of the mass of pointless wiring.

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